Our classic decal. The one that started it all.  


The "I Love My Family" window decal is the one that started it all. This is our classic decal, our most popular decal. It has become a preferred symbol of family pride and unity on the rear window of family cars all across the world. The first thing people usually say when they see this decal is "oh, how cute!" The second thing they say is, "where'd you get that?" That's because each decal comes with an assortment of "people symbols" that can be permanently arranged in the center of the decal to match your individual family. Each decal is unique and special. There are literally thousands of possible combinations, making this a truly custom decal.

From TV, to School Fundraisers, to Shopping Malls, to Street Vendors, to right here on the Internet, the "I Love My Family" decal touches the very heart of virtually anyone who sees it and who cares deeply about family and family values. Reward yourself and your family and show your family pride in a unique and powerful way with this one-of-a-kind gift.

BE CREATIVE! This decal is so uniquely designed, it's got a patent pending. That's because each decal can be fully customized to match the members of your family (SEE BELOW). You simply position the peel-n-stick "people symbols" in the arrangement that best matches your family, creating an exact duplicate of your actual family right on the decal.

You get a Dad, a Mom, 4 Sons, 4 Daughters, 2 Dogs and 2 Cats to choose from.

You get an assortment of people symbols to choose from.

These decals can be ordered one-at-a-time here, or they can be ordered in bulk by calling us directly.

Like all our window decals, the "I Love My Family" decal is made of durable, U/V coated vinyl, laminated for extra durability.

Make a solid and powerful statement of your strong belief in family values that will have a positive and lasting effect on the people around you. Decide now to display the "I Love My Family" window decal. They're great as gifts and fundraisers, too. Click here for prices and other features.




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