A Great Fundraiser for your church or Christian School  


Whether you're interested in raising funds for your church or Christian organization, or you just want to spread the word about Jesus, this decal is a favorite for both of these goals.

The "Our Family Love's Jesus" window decal is a favorite among churches and Christian schools for raising much-needed funds and getting the message of Jesus out to the community. You can have the name and phone number of your organization printed right on the decal. Since these decals ALWAYS get noticed, it's a great way to get the word out about your church or Christian school.

Raising funds with the "Our Family Love's Jesus" window decal is easy and the message it spreads is as encouraging as it is timeless. The FAMILY DECAL CO. even has a turn-key fundraising program we've developed that takes all the guess-work out of your next fundraising project. All of our decals make great fundraisers and you can learn more about that by clicking here.

BE CREATIVE! Each decal can be fully customized to match the members of your family (SEE BELOW). You simply position the "peel-n-stick" people symbols in any arrangement you like, creating an exact "silhouette" of your actual family right on the decal.

Simply use the assortment of family members to create a silhouette of your family.

You get a Dad, a Mom, 4 Sons, 4 Daughters,
2 Dogs and 2 Cats to choose from.

You get an assortment of people symbols to choose from.

These decals can be ordered one-at-a-time here, or they can be ordered in bulk by calling us directly.

Give your community an opportunity to spread the world's most needed message. Give yourself and your church or school organization the opportunity for God to pour out a blessing on you and your community through the use of this powerful symbol of dedication to God and Family. Click here for prices and other features.




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